GAINESVILLE HORSEMANs Ranch Owner's Association

When you buy property in a planned community, you aren't just buying a piece of land, you are buying into the concept of that community. Horseman's Ranch was built to be an organized community specifically designed for people who love horses and the Western way of life. When you bought your property at Horseman’s Ranch, incorporated in the deed to your property was the condition that you would agree to honor the rules and regulations of the Gainesville Horseman’s Ranch Owners Association (GHROA). The GHROA provides structure for the operation and management of the community and membership includes certain mandatory obligations, financial responsibilities and a commitment to abide by the use restrictions and rules of the association. Here you will find a set of resources to help you understand and comply with those obligations so you get the most out of your experience and investment at Horseman's Ranch.

The Board of Directors (BoD)

Lance Minchew, President

Open, Vice President

Tim Schueller, Secretary

Scott Walker, Treasurer

Shannon Coutts, Ad Hoc Director

BoD Information
BoD sign-1

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Jim Lipps, Chair

Pierce Williams​

Stacian Roberts

ARC Information

The Arena Committee 

Liz Gundersen, Chair

Steve Gundersen

Melissa Walker​

Shannon Coutts

Tracey Austin-Ivy

Brandon Ivy

Veronica Williams

Josh Kirchman

Arena Information

Trails Committee

Peggy Jackson, Chair     

Steve Gunderson

Tracey & Brandon Ivy

Imelda Donnelly

Veronica & Pierce Williams

Shannon Coutts

Jimmy Roberts

Social Committee 

This committee plans fun events for our residents, family & friends.

Michell Minchew, Chair

Marilyn Miller

Shannon Coutts

Peggy Jackson

Safety Committee

This committee is planned for the future     

Horseman's Ranch